Environmentally friendly decontamination and processing of water, resulting in less maintenance, use of fewer pesticides, and less fuel.

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We supply USAF™ ultrasonic transmitters that optimise water in basins, silos, and around ships. Our transmitters combat existing fouling, prevent new fouling, and combat existing micro-organisms. Using USAF™ ultrasonic transmitters is environmentally friendly, maintenance-free, and cost-effective. The use of chemical agents can be greatly restricted after a transmitter has been commissioned.




For horticulture, we supply transmitters for basins, silos, or drain tanks to combat algae and pathogens.

Shipping Industry

Shipping Industry

For the shipping industry, we supply ultrasonic transmitters to prevent barnacle, mussel, and oyster fouling on the ship's hull and in the box coolers.



To combat legionella, ultrasonic transmitters can easily be placed in water tanks and water systems.


Frank Dekker – Dekker Glascultures – Prominent

“A clearly visible result in a short period of time, easy to install and maintenance-free.

Our basin water has become much clearer and cleaner after installing the ultrasonic transmitter. Our biofilm has also decreased significantly after only 4 weeks. We are very convinced of the operation of this transmitter.

We also use ultrasonic units in our mix tank (40% fresh and 60% drain water) and our day supply, water monsters taken give us very satisfying outcomes. Since the use of ultrasone we completely stopped using chemicals”

Frank Dekker – Dekker Glascultures – Prominent

“We didn’t see that it was doing an excellent job until the power of the transmitter was cut off.

We were skeptical when purchasing the USAF basin transmitter. We only realised how well it did its job when the basin had turned green with algae in 3 weeks after we found out that we had cut the power cable while mowing the lawn. This was quickly rectified after we turned the unit back on. The transmitter keeps the basin clear, clean and free of algae. The biofilm in our basin is now at the level it should be.”

Ron de Bakker – Laguna Plants – Wateringen

“In the 8 years that we have been using these transmitters, we have had clear and clean basin water and never had clogged filters again.

The basin is free of biofilm and the water is always clear and clean. We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the 2 ultrasonic transmitters in our basin. (approx. 2,400m2)”

Simon Zwarts – Zwarts Gerbera’s – Mijdrecht


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