Testing Ground Ron Peters – The first virus fighting company

“It is clear to me that this USAF™ system works to eliminate ToBRFV in the (drain) water. In addition, this system has major advantages over UV installations or gas disinfectants. This ultrasonic system does not require any maintenance and no monitoring is necessary.”

“Over a longer period of time we have done several tests and from these tests we had leaf samples assessed by means of PCR tests. The PCR results confirmed the picture that the plants showed, because they always looked happy. The plants that received untreated virus water showed virus images within 2-8 weeks and became increasingly weak. Even from extremely polluted water, Ct values ​​have been shown that significantly reduce, even probably completely exclude recontamination possibilities. The lowest value that Naktuinbouw had found was a Ct value of 30.68, 2 tests were always carried out per leaf sample, but never once was the Ct value of both tests below 32. It is important to mention that no grower will ever be able to get this virus ratio in his cultivation water, this makes the results even worse. more special.”



Len Vander Lugt, CEO, Aldershot Greenhouses – Canada

“At AGL we placed Ultramins USAF™ ultrasonic units in our silos with a diameter of 33 meters, we noticed after 14 days that the biofilm and algae was starting to disappear.  After 4 weeks, the water is clean and clear.  The ultrasonic units  are operating 24/7 disinfecting our water with low operating costs. Dealing with Ultramins was excellent.  Robert is honest, knowledgeable and he delivered as agreed.  USAF™ ultrasonic units work so well, we have just placed an order for more units at our other location silos.”

Alex Vellekoop – Duynplant – De Lier

We managed to get the USAF ultrasonic transmitters installed in time before the start of the summer. Now even after very bright en hot days we barely have any algae in our pond. (3.000m2) The few algae present are all exterminated effectively. Ultramins provided a fine and reliable service.


Frank Dekker – Dekker Glascultures – Prominent

“A clearly visible result in a short period of time, easy to install and maintenance-free.

Our basin water has become much clearer and cleaner after installing the ultrasonic transmitter. Our biofilm has also decreased significantly after only 4 weeks. We are very convinced of the operation of this transmitter.

We also use ultrasonic units in our mix tank (40% fresh and 60% drain water) and our day supply, water monsters taken give us very satisfying outcomes. Since the use of ultrasone we completely stopped using chemicals”

Simon Zwarts – Zwarts Gerbera’s – Mijdrecht

“In the 8 years that we have been using these transmitters, we have had clear and clean basin water and never had clogged filters again.

The basin is free of biofilm and the water is always clear and clean. We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the 2 ultrasonic transmitters in our basin. (approx. 2,400m2)”

Ron de Bakker – Laguna Plants – Wateringen

“We didn’t see that it was doing an excellent job until the power of the transmitter was cut off.

We were skeptical when purchasing the USAF basin transmitter. We only realised how well it did its job when the basin had turned green with algae in 3 weeks after we found out that we had cut the power cable while mowing the lawn. This was quickly rectified after we turned the unit back on. The transmitter keeps the basin clear, clean and free of algae. The biofilm in our basin is now at the level it should be.”