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Mindaugas Krasauskas - Nordic Greens & Katrine & Alfreds - Trelleborg - Sweden

‘We purchased multiple USAF™ units to keep a pond of 8.000m2 free from algae and biofilm. The installation was indeed as promised very simple. The algae and biofilm were gone within 3-6 weeks. We were so happy with these units that we just purchased more units to keep our other pond of 10.000m2 free from algae and biofilm. Delivery and service are just fine.’



Thomas Höfler - Höfler Gemüsebau - Nürnberg, Germany

'We have been using this system from Ultramins since February 2022. The USAF™ ultrasonic units removed our algae and biofilm in all our rainwater and drain silos within 1 month, the water has been much clearer since then.

We also know that cucumber fur virus (CGMMV) is no longer spread by our recirculated water as it normally is. We still had some virus, but it remained very localised while all our plants got their water from the same source.

Other positives are that this system is maintenance-free and consumes little power.'

Peter Bergsma - Drenthe Growers - Oxin Growers - Erica

I walk past the silos from time to time to hear and check if everything is still working and that is really the only work we have on it. After installing the USAF™ ultrasonic transmitters, our water has greatly improved, it is much cleaner and also clearer. Cucumber fur virus pressure is negligible compared to previous years, only a few plants we removed this year. Once you have the virus, it is difficult to get rid of it completely. However, with certainty we dare say that it is virus is now no longer spreading via the (drain) water in the greenhouse, which is of course a great reassurance. The basin water is also better; it also no longer contains algae and biofilm. The low power consumption of the transmitters is also a very big plus in these times.

The USAF™ ultrasonic transmitters are really a great asset and time saver for us.

Paul van Paassen - Tomato grower P.J.M. van Paassen - Bleiswijk

"A true addition for every grower

I use the USAF™ ultrasonic transmitters in our ponds and my dirty water drain. I notice considerable differences, the water is really much cleaner and more transparent because of these transmitters. As a result, the water pressure in the pipes is higher and our ponds are cleaner and stay clean, no more algae problems.

Especially with summer arriving, this is reassuring and you can water more often.

No adjustments are required to put these transmitters into operation, but the differences are quickly visible and obvious. The transmitters require no maintenance and therefore save a grower valuable time. The service from and communication with Ultramins is fast and good.

Furthermore, the guarantee, not good, money back, can be taken off, it just works

Jan and Frans Zeinstra - Greenhouse Dili BV & Dili Crop BV - Berlikum NL

"After placing the USAF™ ultrasonic transmitters in our basins, silos and day stocks, we noticed significant differences. The first 2 weeks there was a little more pollution because the transmitters were cleaning up the algae and biofilm. Within 4 weeks, we could see that the water was much clearer and the biofilm and algae had disappeared. The water became much more transparent and cleaner everywhere, the measured values of our Vialux even doubled. Two dangerous fungi were found in the basins, which appeared to be no longer vital after plating at Eurofins.

So this system works very well and transmitters indeed do not need any maintenance or monitoring. As far as we are concerned, the USAF™ ultrasonic ToBRFV tests by Proeftuin Ron Peters also spoke volumes. Placement of the transmitters is child's play and no adjustments have to be made to the existing water system. The communication with Ultramins B.V. went smoothly and all agreements were met. We can really recommend this to every grower.

Ron Peters Trial - The first virus fighting company

"There is no doubt in my mind that this system from USAF™ works to eliminate ToBRFV and other micro-organisms in the drain and watering water. In addition, this system has major advantages over UV systems or a gas-based disinfector. This ultrasonic system does not require any maintenance and monitoring is also not necessary."

"Over a longer period of time, we did several tests and had leaf samples from these tests evaluated using PCR tests. The PCR results confirmed the image that the plants showed, as they were always happy. The plants that were given untreated virus water showed virus images within 2-8 weeks and became progressively weaker. It is important to mention that no grower will ever be able to get this virus ratio in his cultivation water, which makes the results obtained even more special."

Len Vander Lugt, CEO - Aldershot Greenhouses - Canada

"At AGL we placed Ultramins USAF™ ultrasonic transmitters in our silos with a diameter of 33 metres, we noticed after 14 days that the biofilm and algae started to disappear. After 4 weeks the water was clean and clear. The ultrasonic units work 24/7 and disinfect our water at low operating costs. Working with Ultramins was excellent. Robert is honest, knowledgeable and he delivered as agreed. USAF™ ultrasonic units work so well, we have just placed another order for more units for our silos at our other locations."

Alex Vellekoop - Duynplant - De Lier

We were on time with the installation of the USAF ultrasonic transmitters and even after very hot summer days we hardly have any algae in the pool. (3,000m2) The algae that are present are also all effectively killed. The service from Ultramins was excellent and reliable.


Frank Dekker - Dekker Glascultures - Prominent

USAF™ ultrasonic transmitters our only disinfection method

"After 21 years, we finally had no algae and biofilm and for many years, no agrobacteria have been detected in our pouring water. We use no other disinfection methods, so all these results can be attributed 1 to 1 to the USAFTM ultrasonic transmitters. These transmitters require no maintenance and monitoring and work 24/7 365 days a year, so ideal because it saves a lot of time and the results are very good, monitoring by a renowned laboratory confirms this. Also, the fact that very good results have been achieved with this solution in combating the ToBRFV virus reassure me greatly."

So our basin water has become much cleaner and so there is no more algae growing, truly unprecedented. The biofilm present in our silos and basin also disappeared quickly. The water from our mixing tank even became crystal clear. Our filters remain much cleaner and so there is also no water pressure loss at the back of our greenhouse, saving us considerable time on a daily basis, especially in summer. In addition, the USA™ ultrasonic emitters consume almost no electricity, in these times also a big plus."

We are very satisfied and convinced of the performance of these transmitters. Can recommend every grower to install these USAF™ transmitters."


Ron de Bakker - Laguna Plants - Wateringen

"It was only when the transmitter was switched off that we saw that it was doing an excellent job.

We were sceptical when we bought the USAF basin transmitter. We only saw how well it worked after 3 weeks when we found out that we had cut the power cable while mowing the lawn and that the pool was green with algae. After we turned the unit back on, it quickly recovered. The transmitter keeps the pool clear, clean and free of algae. The biofilm in our pool is now very tidy."