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Basins / lakes


In basins and lakes, our USAF™ cavitating ultrasonic transmitters very effectively control algae and biofilm growth. Other pathogens are also controlled by our transmitters and the basin water quality is greatly improved. Below is a short film showing 2 adjacent basins. The basin we treat in this is 1,500m2, 21 years old and now had no algae for the first time in 21 years, also the filters needed much less cleaning. (You can read his full experiences here: review) We do not treat the first basin and the difference speaks volumes, but judge for yourself:




Algae are of all micro-organisms the easiest to kill by our USAF™ cavitating ultrasonic transmitters, already many pools we have made algae free. Our smallest 60watt transmitter can keep areas of 1,000-1,500 m2 free of algae. The double 100watt transmitters control algae (but also biofilm at the same time) on an area of 1,250-1,750 m2. Within 30 days, any basin can be algae-free by our transmitters.


To combat the biofilm, a USAF™ double transmitter of 100 watts should always be used. Experience has shown that the biofilm is removed from an area of 1,250-1,600 m2 . The size of the pool does not matter, several transmitters can be placed.

We treat basins of various sizes in various countries with all different climate conditions, and everywhere our USAF™ cavitating ultrasonic transmitters do this equally successfully. Below are some examples.