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Ultramins is always looking for partnerships that create added value for all parties, but especially for the client. The partnerships below meet these criteria. Interested in becoming a Ultramins partner yourself? If so, please contact: eric@ultramins.com


Houweling Group

Houweling Group operates in more than 30 countries with over 180,000 different products and is a distributor for Ultramins USAF transmitters at home and abroad. Houweling Group is known worldwide for their experience and extensive knowledge of many markets. So too in greenhouse horticulture, where they often maintain excellent relationships with their customers for years. 'We care, We do, We fulfil' is their motto and that fits ours perfectly! That a globally renowned company like Houweling 100% has confidence in our product is significant and we are proud of this partnership. If you already do business with Houweling, please contact your contact person for more information about our products. www.houweling.com/nl



Mertens has been an inspired supplier of fertilisers, crop protection and water technology, among others, for 70 years. They are now also a dealer for Ultramins USAF transmitters and are very passionate about promoting the use of USAF transmitters in water management to their customers. Mertens is known as a no-nonsense and leading expert, so a great match for us to get our message out. If you will be doing business with Mertens, please get in touch. www.mertens-groep.nl



KaRo is a supply and installation company for (greenhouse) horticulture, located on the ABC site in Zwaagdijk-Oost and has been a dealer of Ultramins for several years. KaRo wants to be and remain a good discussion partner for its customers. This can be achieved by accumulating the right knowledge within the company. Knowledge = power or rather, knowledge = mighty fine! For years, they have operated more as consultants, than salespeople. Their slogan is therefore: 'Thinking in solutions', which perfectly matches Ultramins's philosophy. For more information about KaRo visit: http://www.karobv.nl


Sun on Water

The collaboration with Zon op Water stems from our belief that sustainability is a must for the entire greenhouse horticulture sector. Energy supply is one example of this, but so is making effective use of space. Zon op Water supplies floating solar panels for installation in basins that can meet the growing energy needs with a nice return on investment in the process. Ultramins and Zon op Water complement each other perfectly. We say; where sun meets water, both our technologies meet. We take care of the water, they take care of the sun. The USAF transmitters are placed under the solar panels and require no further care and provide excellent irrigation water and basins free of biofilm. Interested in this turnkey solution? For more information, visit: www.zonophetwaterbassin.nl