Silo's / water wells - Ultramins


Silos / wells

Silos and wells often contain various pathogens, algae and biofilm. The water from these (drain) silos and wells is usually disinfected to a limited extent by a UV disinfector or by a heater. Both devices have a limited throughput (litres/hour), which makes it simply impossible to disinfect all water. This of course involves the necessary risks, especially in the summer when the most water is given, but also at the time when pathogens grow fastest. So it is in the summer that the greatest risks are taken with watering. However, our transmitters can be placed at all water storage locations, ensuring that all water is clean and clear, even in summer. The results are guaranteed to be excellent.

Algae and biofilm

A silo or pit often contains algae and a biofilm. The biofilm is a slimy layer consisting of various micro-organisms that can potentially cause damage to the crop. Combating algae and biofilm is easy, with just 1 USAF™ double DT 100watt transmitter. The largest silos we treat in this area with excellent results are 33 metres in diameter and 5 metres deep. One ultrasonic transmitter will therefore clean and purify more than 4,000,000 litres of water.

Bacteria, fungi and viruses

Ponds are not the place to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses completely; it is possible, but it is often too expensive. We prefer to control them in a silo or pit of a more limited size. The number of transmitters and the power to be placed depend on what the grower wants to control. Most bacteria and moulds are easier to kill than viruses. The amount of water that needs to be disinfected also plays a role in determining the number of transmitters. This is therefore always customised work.