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USAF™ DT 100 Watt dual basin and silo transmitter

USAF™ DT 100 Watt double basin and silo transmitter.

The USAF™ 100 Watt is a dual cavitating ultrasonic transmitter, this transmitter fights algae and biofilm on an area of about 1,250m2 - 2,000m2. In addition, this transmitter also kills bacteria and fungi present. On viruses, nematodes and mites, the transmitter definitely has a control effect, but only in the vicinity of the transmitter head. The functioning of a transmitter also depends on the condition of the water in question, the cleaner the water, the further the sound waves can combat micro-organisms.

Benefits of our USAF™ cavitating ultrasonic transmitters:

    1. USAF™ transmitters combat algae in the entire basin 24/7 365 days a year
    2. USAF™ transmitters not only fight algae, they also kill biofilm, bacteria, fungi, viruses, mites and nematodes. (Effect depends on strength)
    3. Filters and drippers clog much less often or not at all
    4. Nebulisers clog up less or not at all
    5. Pipes in the greenhouse also stay much cleaner
    6. USAF™ transmitters require much less energy than a UV unit or a heater
    7. USAF™ transmitters can handle the entire water stream, including the fresh water stream
    8. Environmentally friendly, as less or no H2O2, sulphuric acid or other agents are required
    9. USAF™ transmitters are maintenance-free
    10. The size or depth of the basin does not matter, multiple transmitters can be installed
    11. The transmitters can never be blown out of a basin or a silo
    12. The performance of the USAF™ transmitters does not decline with time
    13. No additional maintenance costs
    14. All our customers, but really all our customers, are satisfied with the operation!
    15. Last but not least, the transmitters save growers time and money. How? We will be happy to explain it to you in a personal meeting.

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