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Basins / lakes

In basins and lakes, our USAF™ cavitating ultrasonic transmitters very effectively control algal and biofilm growth. Other pathogens are also controlled by our transmitters and the quality... Read more

Silos / wells

Silos and wells often contain various pathogens, algae and biofilm. The water from these (drain) silos and wells is usually disinfected to a limited extent by a UV disinfector or by a heater.... Read more


Legionella is a bacterium that can occur in water and can be easily controlled by ultrasound. Inhalation of Legionella bacteria in the form of water vapour can have fatal consequences. Read more


Ultrasonic transmitters prevent fouling of the ship's hull. They are used on ships to keep the hull and the bunker coolers free of hard fouling such as barnacles, mussels and oysters.

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For horticulture, we supply transmitters for use in basins, silos or (drain) tanks. Our transmitters are highly effective in controlling algae, biofilm, bacteria, fungi, mites, nematodes and viruses. Clogged filters and pipes quickly become a thing of the past by using cavitating ultrasonic transmitters.

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