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Ron Peters Trial - The first virus fighting company

Proeftuin Ron Peters - The first virus fighting company.

"There is no doubt in my mind that this system from USAF™ works to eliminate ToBRFV and other micro-organisms in the drain and watering water. In addition, this system has major advantages over UV systems or a gas-based disinfector. This ultrasonic system does not require any maintenance and monitoring is also not necessary."

"Over a longer period of time, we did several tests and had leaf samples from these tests evaluated using PCR tests. The PCR results confirmed the image that the plants showed, as they were always happy. The plants that were given untreated virus water showed virus images within 2-8 weeks and became progressively weaker. It is important to mention that no grower will ever be able to get this virus ratio in his cultivation water, which makes the results obtained even more special."