Patrik Sigg - Sven Sigg - Tomatoes - Närpes, Finland - Ultramins


Patrik Sigg - Sven Sigg - Tomatoes - Närpes, Finland

Patrik Sigg - Sven Sigg - Tomatoes - Närpes, Finland

We are proud to be the largest tomato grower in Finland and are continuously innovating our cultivation process. One of our focal points is creating clean and sustainable irrigation water. Due to large amounts of algae in our basins, we had many problems with clogged filters. A problem that continuously costs a lot of time and therefore money to solve.

After installing the USAF™ Ultrasonic emitters against algae, biofilm, fungi and viruses, we see a huge difference in algae in the basin water and have no more algae nuisance in the filters.

We are therefore very satisfied and no longer have to worry about both the basin water and the filters. The water now also goes into the silos cleaner, which brings benefits there too. When frost sets in, we move the emitters into one of our indoor silos. The emitters weigh only 7 kg and are therefore easy to move.

There, we can also directly see well what the effect will be on eliminating pathogens, viruses and the biofilm. Given the good results in the basin, we are confident of this! Conclusion: we are happy to have opted for the solution offered by Ultramins.