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Ultramins 1 year later: “From the killing of algae to the most persistent tobamoviruses”

On a Tuesday afternoon in early January, four men quickly come to an agreement over a cup of coffee. Clean water is crucial in order to eradicate the Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV). "As long as water from basins or silos often enters the greenhouse untreated, we will be fighting a losing battle", they concluded.

An existing technique to combat ToBRFV in water based on ultrasound, and which has been further improved in recent years, addresses this issue. Last year, research at the Ron Peters Experimental Garden confirmed its effectiveness.

This year, Ultramins and Luyckx Ultrasound, the exclusive seller and producer of the technique, want to demonstrate that the technique can also kill off the virus in water within one hour. A new test will be carried out for this at the Klazienaveen experimental garden. more about.

Kees Luijkx, Rien Rodenburg, Robert de Hoo and Ron Peters in front of the greenhouse at Proeftuin Ron Peters where research into ToBRFV control is being carried out.

We are proud to say: “We have killed trillions of unwanted algae and other pathogens in one year and we have already shipped to 17 countries. The best part is the reactions of the customers, all are purely positive. Of course we could not have imagined this in advance.”

Wherever water stays for a long time, the USAF™ ultrasonic transmitters can be used to keep the water clean or disinfect it.

Wide clientele
“We have exclusive worldwide distribution rights for all USAF ultrasonic transmitters,” says Robert. One year later he has learned a lot and especially seen a lot. “We now deliver from the Netherlands to Canada and from the United States to Kenya. Our clientele is very broad: from tomato and cucumber growers, to herb and rose growers and orchid and pot plant growers. All and everywhere they have to deal with pathogens in their water that we can all control.”

From left to right: Jeroen Baris of Bewijsrapportage.nl, Frank Dekker and Bas Vriend of Dekker Glascultures, Kees Luykx of Luykx Ultrasound and Robert de Hoo of Ultramins

Growing team
Those who have not yet come across Ultramins in the field will have plenty of new opportunities this year. Two permanent employees have been taken on: Christiaan Karel and Glenn Grootenboer. Christiaan, nicknamed Chris, is available daily for any questions about the optimum and sustainable disinfection of drain and watering systems, and Glenn is the specific contact for South Holland. Robert is the contact person for distributors and foreign growers.

Creative marketing
Two part-time ladies have also been recruited to maintain the website and to promote the USAF stations on social media and with other creative marketing activities, including a billboard along the A4 motorway as you enter Westland. "This year we will also be at trade fairs for the first time. This year we are present at the HortiContact from 10-12 May and the GreenTech Amsterdam from 14-16 June."

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Publication date: 20 April 2022

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