No more up to your calves in sludge: "Easily remove all algae and biofilm" - Ultramins


No more up to your calves in sludge: "Easily remove all algae and biofilm"

Published on: 1 May 2024

An easier crop rotation this year than last, who wouldn't want that? What helps is if water systems become less dirty. This can be done by preventing algae growth and biofilm build-up. Now it happens that growers are up to their calves in sludge when cleaning a silo. Or at least spend a lot of time cleaning silos and water systems.

Robert de Hoo of Ultramins knows the images, which he also sometimes receives on his smartphone. Especially at the time of crop rotation, he gets them, but at other times of the year also from Canada, for example, when the time for cleaning has come again there.

Before and 2 days after silo water treatment with USAF™ cavitating ultrasonic transmitter at C&B Farms in Leamington, Canada

With the USAF ultrasonic cavitating transmitters the company supplies, growers can avoid such a dirty silo, he stresses pointing to the photos. To his satisfaction, he is also getting more and more photos from growers learning the use of Ultramins's products resulting in clean basins, silos and water systems.

Before and after at Spring Valley Gardens in St Catherine's, Canada

Jeremy van Koeveringe of Canada's Spring Valley Gardens: "Ultramins visited us in our greenhouse and at the time I was dealing with an algae problem in our water basin. The low EC combined with the warm weather resulted in algae growth that was out of control. After installing just 1 USAF transmitter in our 2,000 m2 basin, the algae disappeared within a few weeks. The water became crystal clear and vertical visibility improved to more than 2 metres."

The grower was so impressed with this transmitter that he ordered seven more and installed them in different reservoirs and silos at all three sites. "I am very satisfied with the product and support from Ultramins and I confidently recommend their transmitters to all growers."

Jeremy van Koeveringe, Spring Valley Gardens


"Saves a lot of hassle"
Besides the benefit during crop rotation, where cleaning is easier and becomes less labour-intensive, the use of ultrasonic cavitating transmitters has also proven itself during cultivation. For example, at The Mastergrowers, Dutch ornamental growers. Robin van Dijk shares in a review, "We have an uncovered 1,000m3 silo at one of our sites, outside that we fill with ditch and rainwater. This silo had many problems with algae growth and likewise several pathogens were present, including to a high degree Pythium and also Phytophthora. Due to the many algae, we often had to clean the filters, which cost us a lot of time.

After hearing very good stories from a well-known grower who had been working with Ultramins for some time, we also took the plunge and were quickly positively surprised. Because apart from the fact that the algae growth and biofilm had quickly disappeared from the silo, we found during a measurement that the fungal pressure had also been greatly reduced, more than 95% had disappeared in a fortnight and that with just one USAF ultrasonic transmitter.

We therefore bought a second transmitter for one of our indoor silos quite quickly and this certainly won't be the last transmitter we order. Because the results are excellent and the convenience of using these transmitters saves us a lot of time and it has saved money on other resources. In addition, it saves considerable man-hours and simply a lot of hassle."

USAF™ cavitating ultrasonic transmitter in action at Greenhill Produce in Canada's Kent Bridge

USAF™ is a trademark of Luijkx Ultrasound B.V.


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