About us

Our company

From our location in the Netherlands we supply ultrasonic transmitters that optimise water. Our transmitters disinfect, prevent fouling and combat micro-organisms. The use of our ultrasonic transmitters is environmentally friendly, easy to install, and usually completely maintenance-free. Every company is unique, we will assess the situation with you and make our recommendation based on that. If necessary, we will visit to find out what would be the best solution. We always want to be sure that the right results are achieved in the fight against micro-organisms. An additional advantage is that the use of ultrasonics can reduce the use of expensive pesticides or the use of fuel. (The payback period is usually under 18 months)

We believe that through these applications the environment wins, our customers win and we win too…and that there are only winners, now that’s ultrasonic!

How it started

After the owner, Robert de Hoo, had gained many years of experience in various industries in distribution, production, and sales & marketing, he came into contact with Kees Luijkx. Kees is the owner of Luijkx Ultrasound B.V. and the manufacturer of USAF™ ultrasonic products (www.usaf.nl), with 25 years of experience in ultrasonic technology. Robert was very enthusiastic about the stories, reports, and studies on the use of ultrasonics. Increasingly strict environmental requirements will also contribute to the growth of this technology. Robert also saw sufficient commercial opportunities and Kees was looking for a company that could continue and expand its sales and they soon hatched a plan. A new company called Ultramins was established soon after.

The name Ultramins

The unique name is composed of 3 words ‘ultrasonic’, ‘vitamins’ and ‘less’. Ultrasound speaks for itself, of course, the technology on which everything is based. ‘Vitamins’ because we treat water that get ‘better’ after ultrasonic treatment, so you can see ultrasonics as a vitamin. ‘Less’ because there are fewer micro-organisms in the water after treatment, so fewer pesticides are needed. And less because we ensure that less fouling takes place and that much less fuel is needed in shipping. Fewer pesticides and less fuel mean less of a burden on the environment and that is of course becoming increasingly important!

Our logo

The logo implies the following;

Orange: unsuitable water for the relevant use

Green: environmentally friendly ultrasonic sound waves aimed at the orange part of the name in the logo

Blue: the end result; water made suitable for (re)use