How it works

How does do USAF ultrasonic transmitters work?

Our ultrasonic transmitters constantly send sound into the water at a very high frequency, causing cavitation. Cavitation is the formation of gas bubbles between the water molecules, these become increasingly larger due to the continuous sound, eventually, the gas bubbles become unstable and implode

As you can see in the top figure, the implosion causes a pressure wave of 2,000 bar and briefly raises the temperature to 5,000 degrees. The pressure wave moves through the water at 1,250 km/h, the micro-organisms present will be destroyed, the algae present will die and sink to the bottom.

This is difficult to see with the human eye and that is why we have made the video below, in which we clearly show the impact of the pressure waves. The pressure waves only affect micro-organisms…and aluminium foil because it is very thin ;-) These pressure waves have no impact on sluices, walls, fish, and mammals. In the short video below you can see the impact after a very short time, however, our transmitters are usually on 24/7 and 365 days a year, just imagine the result.


Advantages of using ultrasonic transmitters in Horticulture:

Basin water remains free of algae, the filters need to be cleaned less often and there are far fewer blockages in pipes and drippers.

By using ultrasonic transmitters you prevent the formation of biofilm, existing biofilm is broken down after the installation of our equipment.

More yield and less loss because the plants have to put in less energy to defend themselves against bacteria, fungi, and viruses in the water.

Much fewer pesticides are needed, because the water quality improves significantly. In many cases, a cheaper and more environmentally friendly agent will suffice.

Fertilisers in the drain water can be reused.

Water is a major dispersant, by using our ultrasonic water disinfectants this is a thing of the past.

Short payback period, because the plants yield more, have fewer outages, the fertilisers can be reused and (much) fewer pesticides need to be used.

Advantages of using ultrasonic transmitters in Horticulture:

No build-up of hard fouling. (mussels/cockles)

Huge savings on fuel. (according to TNO up to 69%)

The ship’s top speed is maintained.

Easy to use, can be started automatically.

Box coolers work much better and more efficiently.

Environmentally friendly.