Pond Bassin – Test action!

Ultrasonic transmitters in your basin are the solution for every grower. Algae, biofilm, and blockages will soon be a thing of the past! In addition, the transmitters combat the pathogens present. Don’t just believe what we say, simply read the reviews on this website.

The picture below also proves that our transmitters do their job very well and eliminate algae. Below you can see 2 ponds which are placed along side. The pond on the right is 1.500m2 and is treated by 1 double transmitter, the pond on the left is 3.500m2 and isn’t treated by our system, the algae are clearly visible there. You can see that the water in ‘our’ pond is very clear and is not green from algae.

We are so convinced of our products that they can be tested for 1 month … if it doesn’t work, we will take the transmitters back free of charge!*

Why is an ultrasonic transmitter is the best solution for every basin?

  1. Transmitters continuously combat algae throughout the basin, 24/7 365 days a year
  2. The size of the basin does not matter, several transmitters can be placed.
  3. Transmitters can never blow away, the transmitters float on buoys.
  4. Transmitters not only combat algae, but also biofilm and even bacteria, fungi, viruses, mites, and nematodes in the vicinity of the transmitters are killed.
  5. Environmentally friendly, no longer chemicals might have to be used.
  6. Filters, pipes and immersion heaters are much less likely to clog.
  7. These ultrasonic transmitters are maintenance free
  8. The effect does not decrease with time
  9. No additional (maintenance) costs.

Would you like more information? Email info@ultramins.com or call Robert de Hoo on 0620 536 536.

*Because we make everything to order, we ask for a payment in advance. When you participate in this promotion, we would like you to review our products ;-)