Grow better, grow bigger and grow faster

We supply environmental friendly transmitters for horticulture in basins, silos or (drain) tanks. Our transmitters increase your (drain) water quality. Plants that don’t have to put energy in fighting pathogens will simply grow better and deliver better product and most of the times also faster than usual.

Algae and biofilm

Our transmitters are very effective in combating algae and biofilm. Clogged filters and pipes will soon be a thing of the past with the use of ultrasonics. Transmitters can be placed in already polluted basins, silos, or tanks, and, depending on the degree of pollution. Water will quickly become clear and the existing biofilm will be reduced or will disappear. Our single transmitter, the USAF ST 60watts, combats algae in an area of approx. 1,000m2 and the USAF DT 100watts combats algae and biofilm in an area of approx. 1,500m2.

Bacteria, fungi and viruses

Our heavier transmitter the USAF DT 100watts also combats bacteria, fungi and virus. The ultrasonic transmitters cause membranes of pathogens to rupture, causing them to die. Any additional techniques to combat viruses will become much more effective, for example when a small H2O2 dose is added. When using ultrasonic transmitters, the use of chemical agents can be significantly reduced. The fertilisers in recirculation can be retained.

If the water is heavily polluted or if you want to prevent a virus, several transmitters can be installed. In a drain silo we placed transmitters for the best solution. Optionally, a hydrogen peroxide addition could offer an accelerated result.